A well oiled supply chain is a must for making a company remain competitive

Supply Chain Transformation need may arise due to the following: 
Company acquisition, rapid revenue growth thereby triggering network expansion, shift in consumer preference, low profitability, low growth due to competitive disruption.

The challenge is to identify what is causing the deficits in cost or service. Reveniva Consulting has experienced consultants who can partner for the strategic realignment of supply chains during restructuring projects.

Advantage of Restructuring:

  • Quick integration of acquired company in terms of forming common processes
  • Lower process and personnel costs
  • Increased efficiency throughout the organization
  • Improved process quality
  • Better customer service

Reveniva Consulting Mantra

Reveniva consulting typically begins restructuring projects with an audit phase. Current situation is analyzed by looking at existing processes, the system, and the organization of each facility. The resources and performance indicators for each process area and location are gathered. This way, internal best practices and existing weak spots can be identified. The target concept is then created. Based on internal and external best practices, Reveniva Consulting develops a organisational staffing plan. Areas of potential gaps are quantified, practicability is analyzed and risks are assessed. Recommendations for action can then be derived. A realistic implementation strategy in cooperation with the client is chalked out. All nuances of the organisational need is looked at and taken care of.

Cost Optimization.

Reveniva Consulting looks at the value chain to ensure maximum cost optimisation.

In a major cost cutting exercise companies generally attack the low hanging fruit within the supply chain. Therefore, there is a need to have holistic approach so that optimal cost saving, customer service balance is achieved. This need to cut cost generally arise due to rapid expansion in revenues of the company, unhindered product proliferation and drop in product pricing in the industry.

Advantage of Cost Optimization:

Reveniva Consulting has several years of experience with the optimization of supply chain costs from end to end. Reveniva looks at the entire process of value creation to make processes align throughout entire business networks on a cost-optimized basis. This leads to considerable cost reductions in the whole value system. Reveniva helps customers reduce overall supply chain costs by 15 to 30 percent while raising the service level at the same time..


As a supply chain consultancy, Reveniva consulting assesses the factors influencing make-or-buy decisions and assists clients with all types of outsourcing issues.

Concentrating on core competencies is a trend in all industries. The variability of overhead costs, cost reductions, increases in flexibility, and a service providers' additional know-how are the main reasons for outsourcing. These challenges, though, are accompanied by real implementation risks.

Reveniva Consulting knows the critical success factors of outsourcing and supports companies during the entire process.

Benefits of Outsourcing:

The outsourcing projects we complete with our clients typically result in:

  • Successful outsourcing of operational business
  • Up to 30 to 40 percent in cost savings
  • Improvements in performance especially in regard to customer service, ability to deliver and willingness to share information
  • Increases in transparency for inventory and transportation
  • Substantial increases in flexibility in the face of volume fluctuations

Reveniva Consulting Mantra

Reveniva Consulting works with clients to create new business models for relevant business processes. A substantiated make-or-buy analysis creates the basis for outsourcing concepts. A special focus is put on the design of process and IT interfaces. Decisions regarding the IT structure are usually key issues when assessing the future interdependence of partners.

Change Management

All facets to be changed needs to planned in advance in order to ensure smooth implementation. That’s when successful change management happens.

Developing and introducing new processes, structures, and methods requires changes to be made on current processes. Through professional change management, employees are made to learn new way of working which is backed by extensive training and monitoring of new process implementation.

The typical challenges in change projects include:

  • People responsible are not involved early enough
  • Poor analysis of stakeholders and lack of information
  • Insufficient project marketing
  • Training for new processes, methods and IT too narrow in scope
  • Clinging to unrealistic plans
  • Delayed escalation of issues

Benefits of Change Management

The results of change management projects with Reveniva Consulting include:

  • Focused management of the changes
  • Expedited change process
  • Early detection and rectification of obstacles
  • Sustainable establishment of changes in the organization

Reveniva Consulting Mantra

Reveniva consulting manages the change process in organizations for the entire spectrum of supply chain consulting topics and is a driver of change. With a proven solution-finding approach, acceptance in the organization for the new processes can be created, thereby ensuring implementation.

Our approach is as follows:

  • Make people aware
  • Make environment of acceptance of the change
  • Ensure Effective implementation

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