Supply Chain Management

Demand Management and Forecasting

Optimal Demand Management and forecasting has a profound impact on harmonizing value creation. In addition to focusing on quantitative data, an integrated approach serves as a reliable planning basis downstream.

Many companies opt for manual collation of forecast. The forecast in turn gut feel data and is not reflection the market. This has cascading effect on downstream process leading to excess inventory for some skus and stock outs for others leading impact on working capital and lost sales.

Reveniva Consulting Mantra:

Reveniva consulting works along with clients data and works on different forecasting models and suggest the optimal model for usage. Reveniva Consulting helps client pick good forecasting software which is followed by intense training for long term impact.....

Order management

For many businesses, integrated order management is the key to customer satisfaction.

Inefficient and isolated order management often leads to long lead times and insufficient achievement of delivery dates.

Reveniva Consulting analyzes, optimizes, and synchronizes process interfaces that connect with sales planning, program planning and material requirement planning. .

Reveniva Consulting Mantra:

Reveniva consulting supports customers from different industries with the optimization of their order management. Order fulfillment is either aligned on the basis of an already existing business strategy or current processes and the IT landscape are optimized.

Supply Planning and Inventory Management

Setting up effective supply planning effective will ensure that inventory is available and that inventory levels are kept low and customer service levels are high.

Having materials in the right place at the right time is essential in manufacturing and for customers themselves as well. This process is key in the overall supply chain performance as this is responsible for effective utilisation of available capacities, placement of raw and packing material before the actual production .Often with deadlines to meet there is no time for inventory optimization, supplier management or to take overall cost into consideration.

But luckily, all of these processes, systems, and even the organization itself present real opportunities for improvement. Oftentimes, however, this potential is not leveraged.

Reveniva Consulting aids clients with solution aided by supply chain optimizer tools for quick implementation of best in class systems and processes.

Production Planning and Control

For manufacturing companies, optimal production planning and control is essential. This ensures efficient production, ensures high delivery reliability and reduces costs.

Companies are often in conflict between high fluctuating demand on the one hand and the desire for evenly balanced production on the other. Rigid production plans, however, make flexible responses impossible. Due date optimisation is often missing which results in deviation from supply plans and impact on service levels.

Reveniva Solution Mantra

Reveniva consulting analyzes, optimizes and synchronizes the supply chain holistically. Supply planning and production planning are usually synchronized and order processing is integrated. The results obtained through the introduction of optimized integrated production planning and control are:

  • Increased production delivery
  • Enabling production to react flexibly to fluctuating demand
  • Transparency across all relevant processes through a complete IT tools
  • Improving resource efficiency

Distribution Planning

Optimizing distribution with Reveniva Consulting results in networks that provide optimal service at minimal cost.

Outdated distribution structures that have not recently been optimized from the bottom up often fail to meet current requirements. An increasingly broader product assortment with ever-shorter product life cycles calls for fast-responding supply chains. With consumer behavior changing and new distribution channels opening up, the process of distributing goods is becoming more complex.
Comprising a significant share of overall cost, distribution costs are a relevant starting point for reducing supply chain costs and boosting performance. Optimizing the distribution structure, however, is only possible if all the relevant factors such as transportation, handling, and inventory are considered.

Reveniva Solution Mantra:

Identifying future parameters across functions and establishing planning principles are essential to optimize distribution structures. The focus here is on service requirements, changes in volume and network data. With our  partner supply chain software various scenarios can be modeled, analyzed, and compared.

IT consulting

In todays competitive and complex environment, no function within the supply chain can work in silo which would result in suboptimal performance.

To optimize all the supply chain process , IT softwares plays a key role in speedy implementation of best in class processes. Reveniva Consulting performs the gap analysis and recommends the best fit software for its clients.

Reveniva Consulting has partnered with various software companies ranging from MES, SCM optimisers, Procure to pay systems and WMS.

S&OP Design

In the absence of any tool to measure the efficacy of the end to end supply chain processes, the supply chain performance remains sub optimal and often leads to poor customer service and poor cost management.

In order to provide strategic direction on shorter term , effective S&OP design comes in handy to help top management take decisions which can lead increased profitability based on best constraint scenario analysis and make strategy to mitigate future risks.

Reveniva Consulting has experience in rolling out robust S&OPs.

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